Last Nights Riots

Took a nice midnight stroll in the warm air last night and bumped in to a whole load of  crazyness. Riots kicked off on stokes croft, and as well as a minority of militant rioters, several hundred fairly confused and sleepy people took to the streets to work out what the noise was all about…quite a funny mix of hardliners and baffled locals. Violence on the front lines was mixed with an impromtu streetparty vibe in the crowds, and although it was mainly just the agro guys getting a kicking from the police, even mellow crew man Longjohn caught a few loose swings from the police’s battons.

Lots of rumors about the cause of the riot were flying around,my favourite being  that it was all started by a sale on at the HERE Gallery, apparently prints were going for 50p.Anyhow truth of it is that a squat eviction turned into an anti tesco thing as far as I can tell, and that turned into a mini st-pauls carnival. nice.


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